In 1979 a young, very determined man with a dream of his own founded Phil’s Uptown Meat Market.

Phil Mosley was a third generation butcher, not only knowledgeable and enthusiastic, but also able to put people at ease tackling new and exciting culinary projects. He even looked like a classic butcher, having Popeye forearms and a girth that let customers know that he also consumed what he sold. Phil always seemed to know everyone’s name, and remember their favorite cuts and special requests.

Phil Mosley Butcher in PortlandPhil passed away in 2010, but not without leaving a special legacy that is the market today. His selection of the highest quality products, emphasis on building relationships, and attention to detail are still carried on today by his wife Becky, their son Nick and the staff he chose and trained. The market is one of the few traditional butcher shops remaining in the Portland area. If you need a special cut of meat, or just want the best quality of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and fish, this is the place! Special orders are encouraged for items that are not typically in stock- just ask, and that Danish pork loin, hand-tied crown roast, or Wagyu prime rib can be yours.

Phil spent many years collecting wine, including a marvelous selection of large format bottles. The cellar beneath the market is a must visit for those looking for a special occasion or collectible bottle, but there is also a wide array of delicious, high quality wines for everyday enjoyment upstairs as well as down.

Many of our customers today remember visiting Phil’s with their parents when they were youngsters, and bring their own families in to continue the tradition of cooking and enjoying great food together.

Our Team

Erik Peterson, Owner

Sharon Stone, General Manager

Ricardo Vigil, Butcher / Meat & Seafood Manager

Ben Waterman, Culinary Director

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