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The Philwich: Genoa salami and Swiss cheese with tomatoes, red onion, pickled peperoncini, and crisp lettuce dressed with mayonnaise and stoneground mustard on a Pearl Bakery baguette or ciabatta roll.

Uptown Burger: 7 oz. Ground Chuck Topped with Wild Greens.

The Big John: Ham and pork belly, provolone with arugula in dijon aoili on a ciabatta roll.

High Flyer: Double decker club sandwich.

Lower 48: French Dip With Your Choice Of Cheese.

The Herbie: Organic Chicken Breast with Herb Aioli and Melted Provolone.

We roast all of our fresh meats in our kitchen without excess salt, sugar, fats, fillers or flavorings. Take home a pound of turkey breast or roast beef, a pint of chicken salad or a few slices of all-beef meatloaf and find out how good fresh, honest food can be!

We slice all of our vegetables daily, and prepare our cheeses and condiments in small batches so your sandwich is as fresh and delicious as it can possibly be.

Portland French and Pearl Bakery breads.

Lower 48

Lower 48 Sandwich

The Big John


Uptown Burger


The Herbie


High Flyer

high flyer - club